Top Ten Podcasts I’m listening to:

  1. The Minimalists
  2. By the Book
  3. Diz Runs Radio
  4. Happier with Gretchen Rubin
  5. Ordinary Marathoner
  6. The Rich Roll Podcast
  7. Training for Ultra
  8. Running Rogue
  9. Talk Ultra
  10. Life is a Marathon


Eighteen Things I want to do this year:

  1. Finish a 100 miler (training starts soon for the Arkansas Traveller 100)
  2. Visit Colorado
  3. Be nicer
  4. Say what I really think….in a nice way (see #3)
  5. Tag bears with a Game and Fish officer
  6. Pick up artifacts with an archaeologist (sending an email on the 22nd when she’s back in the country)
  7. Get rid of everything I do not use (kitchen is almost done, next the closet)
  8. Make my own hydration vest (still in the planning stages)
  9. Start organizing my mother’s journals
  10. Get my mother out of the closet
  11. Work on my spirituality
  12. Come up with a personal yoga routine
  13. Learn to meditate
  14. Organize a run/walk event with my daughter in memory of my granddaughters
  15. Sew angel gowns and donate them to local hospitals (Started!)
  16. Get in the habit of meal planning
  17. Do 10 unassisted pull ups in a row
  18. Read at least one book a month (first one started!)


Books I’m reading/read (see #18 above):

A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson
1/7/18 – So far this has been a great book!  I’m only on Chapter 3 and I have literally laughed out loud will reading about how he is preparing to hike the Appalachian Trail.  His writing style is easy to read and has kept me interested in finding out what is next.
A Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail

1/18/18 – I’m on Chapter 7 now.  I am loving his detailed and descriptive account of the trails, the people (especially Mary Ellen.  I know a Mary Ellen known by a different name), and the camping places along the way.

1/21/18 – This is such a great book.  I’m now up to Chapter 15.  It got to where it was really hard to put down.  Now that I’ve gotten to Part 2 of the journey it’s been slow reading, but I’m reading on convinced that it will pick up again.  He gives a lot of history and facts about how the trail came to be which is interesting.












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